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  • HomeBodor CNC Machine Company is a Chinese based manufacturer of laser engravers, laser marking machines and CNC routers. As a result of constant work to expand our product line, we can now offer a wide variety of products, including high speed laser engraving and cutting machine, auto-feed laser engraving machine, CO2 laser marking machine, dot peen marking machine, ATC wood engraving machine, stone and glass engraving machine, and more. We can also accommodate specialized requests as needed.
  • ProductsBodor is a professional manufacturer and supplier of laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine and laser marking machine, based in China. Our main products include laser engraver, laser marker, CNC router, plasma cutting machine.
  • New Products
  • Laser Engraver, Laser CutterThe Bodor laser engraving and cutting machine uses imported parts of high quality. The machine features a scientific design, durable service and an elegant appearance. The laser engraving and cutting machine works precisely at high speed so work efficiency can be improved.
  • Mini Laser Engraving and Cutting MachineThe BCL-M series mini laser engraving and cutting machine is used in various fields including mold industry, advertising industry, architectural decoration industry, craft gift industry and electronics industry.
  • High Speed Laser Engraving and Cutting MachineThe BCL-N series high speed laser engraving and cutting machine uses an advanced DSP control system to control the chip. The work efficiency can be improved because the system has the function of consecutive high speed curve cutting and the shortest path selection.
  • Laser Cutting BedThe Bodor laser cutting bed can be equipped with an automatic feeding system to improve work efficiency and save you time and cost.
    The wholly open type stainless steel working platform is specially treated. The laser cutting bed features easy operation and durability.
  • Sliding Cover Laser Cutting BedThe moving system adopts Taiwan Hiwin linear guide and precision gear, matched up with the advanced DSP-controlled 3-phase stepper motor to ensure the working accuracy.
    The new style laser tube of this sliding cover laser cutting bed which is...
  • Screw Drive Laser Cutting Machine Our screw drive laser cutting machine is applied for garments sampling, large format tailoring, leather industry, shoemaking, decoration, furniture, advertisement, packing and printing, molding and artcrafts industries.
    Fabrics, laser, paper, bamboo ware, acryl, glass, thin film ...
  • Auto Feed Laser Engraving MachineThe auto feed laser engraving machine guarantees a large area cutting and the smoothness of the cutting edges so that the material will not need polishing. The machine features a noiseless, dustless, fast processing speed, high work efficiency, high precision and little material waste.
  • Double Head Laser Engraving Cutting MachineThe double head laser engraving cutting machine can be used with many kinds of nonmetal material such as cloth, trademark, paper, leather, embroidery, organic glass, plank, stone, etc.
  • CCD Trademark Cutting MachineThe CCD trademark cutting machine records pictures and saves them in the computer by the vision system when the cutter is operating. After processing the pictures, it can automatically searche and locate the material, and then start cutting. In this way, it avoids inaccurate location. The software
  • Separable Laser Engraving MachineTo meet the needs of customers engraving heavy material, Bodor designs and manufactures a separable laser engraving machine. The upper part of the machine is movable and the lower part can be equipped with different platforms according to the customer's need. This design eliminates the application restrictions...
  • Vac-Sorb Laser Engraving Cutting Machine.Our vac-sorb laser engraving cutting machine adopts the new high-efficiency laser tube, the laser beam is more stable than the traditional type, and the life time of the laser tube can be over 10000 hours.
    Compared with the ordinary laser machine, the vac-sorb laser engraving cutting machine adopts...
  • Metal Laser Cutting MachineThe metal laser cutting machine can guarantee continuous operation. The solid YAG laser device is among the most stable and mature products in laser domain.
    The maintenance cost of metal laser cutting machine is only one tenth to one fifteenth ...
  • Laser MarkerThe Bodor laser marking machine uses a USA imported radio frequency laser tube. The machine features high marking precision, fast speed and easy operation. It is used in the marking of various materials. Our laser marking machine has passed the certification of CE, FDA and SGS.
  • CO2 Laser Marking MachineThe BML-C laser marking machine is one of our main products. The machine features high marking precision, fast speed, controllable carving depth, simple operation, and long continuous working time. Its engraving marks are elegant, clear and last forever. The machine can be used with many different kinds of nonmetal products.
  • Diode Pumped Laser Marking MachineThe BML-D series diode pumped laser marking machine uses the semiconductor diode pump Nd: YAG crystals with the wavelength of 808 nm. The machine can precisely engrave and mark many kinds of metal and nonmetal material.
  • Fiber Laser Marking MachineThe BML-F series fiber laser marking machine has long service life and low power consumption. Its unit power is only 0.5KW, and its conversion efficiency is more than thirty percent.
  • Dot Peen Marking MachineThe Bodor dot peen marking machine is of various types. It can mark various products of different sizes and realize online marking. The Bodor dot peen marking machine features modularization design, easy operation, good marking quality and high work efficiency. The machine has passed the certification of CE, FDA and SGS.
  • Portable Dot Peen Marking MachineThe portable dot marking machine is mainly composed of a control system and a marking system. It is convenient to carry so it can be used on heavy work pieces that are hard to move. The portable dot peen marking machine is used in the machinery manufacturing industry and car making industry.
  • Dot Peen Marking MachineThe dot peen marking machine can be used in many different industries including machinery manufacturing industry, car making industry, aeronautics and astronautics, solar energy and petroleum equipment.
  • Online Dot Peen Marking MachineThe Bodor online dot peen marking machine is especially designed for industrial integration. The machine can be installed in the production line or automatic assembling line. With the signal exchange between the production line and the control system, the machine can realize automatic ...
  • Automatic Nameplate Marking MachineThe Bodor automatic nameplate marking machine can realize automatic transmission and marking of the products. The machine works by the vibration caused by the compressed air and the mechanical device. The machine is used to mark hard material, such as metal and plastic, with the marks of characters or pictures.
  • CNC RouterThe CNC router uses imported parts and a welded machine body, so the router is hard to distort. The CNC router features steady operation and humanized operation system. Different types of CNC routers can engrave different kinds of material. All of our products have gained the certification of CE, FDA and SGS.
  • BRW-A Wood Engraving MachineThe machine uses a Taiwan linear guide rail that has a large loading capacity. The vacuum adsorption woodworking machine series uses a vacuum pump of strong adsorption to adsorb materials of different size. Meanwhile, the vacuum table comes with high density and good high temperature resistance ...
  • Vac-Sorb Wood Engraving MachineThe lathe bed of vac-sorb wood engraving machine is strong and without distortion.
    X,Y axes transmission with gear rack, Z axis transmission with imported Germany ball screws, all of them can ensure stable and smooth movement of the machine...
  • BRW-B Wood Engraving Machine Our wood engraving machine is equipped with high power spindle, brushless, water cooling/air cooling, and it works with low noise.
    Application of driver with high definition subdivision which ensures fast speed and high accuracy ...
  • Higher Gantry Wood Engraving MachineHumanized design of vacuum table with T-slot and clamps, can adsorb or clamp the material,operation is convenient.
    The higher gantry wood engraving machine adopts vacuum system, configured with vacuum pump ...
  • BRW-BV Wood Engraving MachineAutomatic lubrication system fulfills the periodic lubrication maintenance just by a slight press.
    The BRW-B wood engraving machine can be used in wood industry, such as furniture, woodworker; advertising industry such as breastplate, doorplate; and art-craft industry, such as double-color board, bamboo crafts, etc ...
  • ATC Wood Engraving MachineThe ATC wood engraving machine can be used in the wood industry to engrave and process red wood furniture and antique furniture, such as woodcarving technology, gift wood box, red wood jewelry box, decoration, jewelry engraving.
  • ATC Woodworking Engraving MachineATC woodworking engraving machine can change 6-10 tools.
    It dopts Italian air cooling spindle and Japanese servo system.
    Our ATC woodworking engraving machinee uses bakelite material for our vacuum table, it is...
  • BRA-P PVC/Mould Engraving MachineThe CNC engraving machine can be used with different kinds of materials, such as aluminum plate, aluminum composite panel, aluminum cellular board, aluminum profile, 3D ornamental engraving technology, wave board, acryl, copper plate, PVC board, stone, wood and MDF board.
  • BRA-P Plastic / Acrylic Engraving Machine Our plastic and acrylic engraving machine driver with high definition and subdivision ensures fast speed and high accuracy.
    High-speed spindle with water cooling system works vigorously with low noise,guarantee ...
  • BRA-A Wood / Aluminum Engraving Machine This wood and aluminum engraving machine adpots advanced CNC system, configured with practical and easy-learned software, it can conveniently check the moving path of tool, and adjust the processing depth of Z axis, also the speed of motor...
  • Stone and Glass Engraving MachineEquipped with constant power main shaft motor, the stone and glass engraving machine features fast engraving speed and high work efficiency and, with the function of interval engraving, you can use the machine to engrave any place you want.
  • Metal Engraving and Mould Milling MachineThe Bodor metal engraving and mold milling machine uses casting pieces to guarantee strength and stability. The Taiwan imported precision linear guide rail is of good strength and high precision. The machine is equipped with a special constant power motor so it has a large cutting force and high work efficiency.
  • Multi-spindle CNC RouterThe multifunctional engraving machine is used in many fields such as signs, nameplate, badge, stamp, craft, decoration and wood products.
    The multifunctional engraving machine can use various materials including organic glass, PVC board, wood, marble, copper, aluminum and plastic.
  • Plasma Cutting MachineBodor is a professional manufacturer of plasma cutting machine, based in China. We offer many kinds of products such as plasma cutting machine, laser engraver, and laser marking machine. Our products are of high quality and competitive price.
  • CNC Plasma Cutting MachineThe CNC plasma cutting machine uses a gantry structure and double motor driver of Y axis, light beam design, linear guide rail and advanced numeral control system. With the untouched plasma head, the machine can realize the goal of small cutting edge and no cutting residue.
  • Industry Plasma CutterThe industry plasma cutter uses a Panasonic servo motor, Taiwan servo speed reducing device and high accuracy rack transmission system. The machine features low noise, stable and accurate coordinate movement.
  • Laser Stamp Engraving MachineThe use of a three plus one optical path system lessens power transmission consumption. The laser stamp engraving machine uses a high precision wear resistant slide rail to make the engraving more accurate. The machine supports many different operation systems including Windows98, 2000 and XP.
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  • About UsAs a specialized laser engraving and cutting machine manufacturer since 2002, Bodor CNC Machine Company has designed and manufactured a vast array of CNC products that include mini laser engraving and cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine, CO2 laser marking machine, dot peen marking machine, ATC wood engraving machine, stone and glass engraving machine, and more. Our products are CE, FDA and SGS certified, so you can feel secure in using them.
  • Training and ServiceWe will supply you with the operation and installation manual in English version together with the machine, including introduction for the composing of equipment, working principle, common knowledge of computer, controlling principle of electronic devices, daily maintenance measures.
  • Certificates Due to our consistent quality and dependable service, our products are CE, FDA, SGS certified. As a result, they are popular with customers in Chile, Argentina, Singapore, Russia, Malaysia, just to name a few.
  • Application
  • Acrylic Laser Cutting and EngravingAcrylic sheet typically requires high precision when cutting workpieces for advertising, crafts, models, toys and other applications. Bodor has developed CO2 laser cutting machines whose power range from 40W to 150W to cut or engrave acrylic sheets of different thickness.
  • Wood Laser Cutting and EngravingCO2 laser cutting machines have been increasingly used to process wood in crafts, furniture, toys and other applications. The CO2 laser cutting machine can perfectly cut or carve medium-density fiberboard (MDF), plywood, cherry wood, maple wood and other solid woods with appropriate power..
  • Leather Laser Engraving and CuttingLeather is often cut and engraved in the production of clothing, handicrafts, decoration materials, bags, and shoes and this process requires high precision that directly impacts the quality of the products.
  • Laser Cutting TextilesThe laser cutting machine can quickly and precisely cut cotton fabric, linen fabric, polyester fabric, denim fabric, nonwoven fabric, wool fabric, etc. according to any pattern. Therefore, the laser cutting machine can improve the processing efficiency in textile, clothing, plush toys and other industries.
  • Laser Marking Metal and PlasticsFiber lasers can perfectly mark hard materials such as metal and plastic. The minimum size of the mark is 0.15mm. Therefore, the fiber laser cutting machines are widely used for jewelry, crafts, digital products, electrical appliances, etc.
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