1. Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
    2. Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Fiber laser cutting equipment is Bodor’s main product. After more than 10 years of exploring and developing, Bodor now has dozens of different types of laser cutting equipment so that the customers can purchase Bodor’s product directly to meet their different processing requirements.
      Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Professional Manufacturer of Fiber Laser Machines

Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co., Ltd.

Nothing matches the precision and speed of laser cutting equipment and Bodor has been on the cutting edge of the technology as of its founding in 2008. We design and manufacture professional grade laser cutting machines and laser markers built based on our advanced fiber laser systems. We offer more than 10 types of equipment to meet the various requirements of our customers that operate in many different industries, including sheet metal fabricators and automobile producers. We combine the strengths of our 1000 highly skilled production team members and research and development department to bring to life excellent machinery that would have seemed impossible mere decades ago.