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Laser cutting is more effective than the sharpest of knives when cutting metal sheets with thicknesses of a few millimeters up to several centimeters. Above all, fiber laser cutting machines can provide high power laser beams that can penetrate the workpiece in an instant to complete efficient, high-precision cutting.

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

After cutting, the metal sections are smooth and flat and barely need subsequent processing. As a result, the processing cost is greatly reduced. The laser cutting machines have been widely used in sheet metal processing, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, advertising, agricultural machinery and tools manufacturing, kitchenware manufacturing, etc.

Bodor has developed four series of fiber laser machines for metal sheet cutting. Among them, the F series fiber laser cutter and the E series exchange platform laser cutter are more versatile types that can easily cut the metal sheets of a thickness up to 20mm.Therefore, these two series of fiber laser machines can meet most requirements of sheet metal and metal processing. In addition, if you want to provide more protection for workers, you can choose the P series metal laser cutter with full cover.

For precision metal cutting of advertising boards, crafts and spacecraft parts, Bodor recommends the i series precision laser cutter whose positioning accuracy can reach 0.01mm. The i series precision laser cutter can meet your requirements for higher machining accuracy. For cutting metal sheets whose thickness over 30mm, Bodor recommends the S series high power laser cutter which has an ultra-high power up to 20000W.