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F Series Fiber Laser Cutter

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser Cutting System

The F series fiber laser cutter is one of our classic products. The F series fiber laser cutter adopts a fiber laser with stable energy and laser heads that can automatically adjust the focus position. The power of the F series fiber laser cutter is from 1000W to 4000W, so it is the ideal equipment for efficient cutting of thinner metal workpieces.

    1. Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine F-Series
    2. Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine F-Series With 1000W-4000W laser power, the F series laser cutting machine is capable of cutting thin metal workpieces into desired shapes. The F series laser cutter won the Red Dot Design Award and iF Design Award as it is a perfect blend of form and function.The Z-axis is equipped with a flame retardant cover processed through injection molding. The cover only 1/10 the weight of the original design, satisfying the speed and acceleration of the cutting head. The machine’s high pressure cast aluminum cantilever support ensures high strength performance and durability.
    1. Tube and Sheet Laser Cutting Machine, F-T Series
    2. Tube and Sheet Laser Cutting Machine, F-T Series The F-T series laser cutting machine is a powerhouse, suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, brass, and other metal workpieces with ease. It is designed for cutting metal tubes with a length up to 60m due to an equipped floor type workbench specially engineered for cutting tubes. The laser machine comes with a self-centering chuck, providing high speed and precise positioning for the workpieces. The machine operates with high efficiency and the laser head can reach speeds up to 140m/min, while maintaining a positional accuracy within 0.03mm.

As a trusted manufacturer of laser cutting machines, Bodor offers a comprehensive selection of fiber laser cutting machines used in the metal fabrication industry. This equipment is specially engineered to meet the needs of sheet metal and tube cutting operations. We have developed more than 10 laser machine types to carry out the major metal cutting processes in metalworking industries. To guarantee the quality of the equipment, all laser machines, including our sheet metal laser cutting machine and tube laser cutting machine are outfitted with core components supplied by well-known brands like IPG, SMC, OMRON, and HIWIN. Bodor holds international offices in nine countries, including Germany, Russia, Turkey, USA, Mexico, India, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. These remote offices allow us to better serve our customers all over the world.